How to stop attracting toxic relationsihps by taking a three step experiential journey

This 8 week experiential programme is designed to help you attract a harmonious relationship by looking at the current dynamics that lead to toxic partners.


           You want to have balanced relationships…

  • you notice you are attracting the same type of  unhealthy personalities on those dating apps and you still allow them to enter your life;

  • you associate with those who constantly take but seldom give in return;

  • you are trying too hard and you deep down know it’s not right;

...but you experience the opposite

  • you’re exhausted from attempting to engage, and you struggle to navigate that difficult discussion with your partner once more;
  • you reluctantly take the lead because you believe it’s your only viable option

  • you decide to stay in the know to bring comfort to him/her, often to the detriment of your own well-being.

But you also know that this DYNAMIC NEEDS TO STOP!

My story of conflict and sacrifice

In a previous course I launched, I mentioned how many of my relationships were not authentic from my teens until my thirties; if they were somehow functional they were because I was trying to keep them afloat. In fairness they were powered by conflict, sacrifice, no boundaries, and lack of genuine communication.

The previous examples – bullet point by bullet point – are part of my own story; It all came from the fear of not being good enough. The first time I received the this hint of not being good enough, talented enough, or smart enough it was in my early childhood. That message was embedded in my subconscious mind becoming an automatism that I took with me later in life as the only reality existed because we trust our caregivers, don’t we?!

Guess what? With that broken reality and perception about myself,  I have attracted people with specific behaviours. Was it my fault? No! But it was my responsibility to STOP THE DYNAMIC.

What have I done specifically; 

I started studying a lot about self actualisation via standard disciplines or alternative ones such as: neuroscience, psychology, psychotherapy, theta-healing, reiki, astrology, meditation, communication  and coaching. I am currently an EMCC certified coach and certified astrologer (I know it’s not considered a classic science, but it’s been the abstract engine of self exploration that worked for me).

Since I spent six years in these fields learning and applying diligently, I have seen significant changes in my relationships and in my communication with people I surround myself with.

During this time I broke up many time, I learned why it happened and  HOW? By applying communication techniques, living in self-awareness, understanding some rules of the systems we’re all coming from and by honouring to the inner self no matter what.,

What is my proposal and concrete solution?

Learn how to stop being a victim in your relationships and stop attract toxic partners by taking a three step experiential journey towards a genuine relationship.

I am inviting you to start this eight week programme to transform your intimate relationships, take the leap of faith towards the new version of yourself. This invitation to a unique programme is based on the courses and certified programmes I developed in my work with  psychotherapists (IFS method), psychologists, experts in relationships, coaching and other alternative disciplines.

The sessions will recorded and unlocked once per week; we will run 8 sessions in total over the course of two months that you can navigate at your own pace. With every day in the programme you will receive some fun activities to accomplish in order to unwire those old patterns and rewire yourself into the new game (it is going to be a fun and insightful journey).


Who is the author?

My name is Adina Francu and I am a transformational coach for the past 6 years. My first love and specialisation in college has been communication and marketing, therefore I am also an experienced marketer for the past 8 years and today I am mixing them both as I am crafting this course about relationships and communication.

I am creative individual, driven by human connection and their condition; what makes me thrive in life is the quality of my relationships professionally and particularly the quality of my personal relationships. I study human behaviour via neuroscience, coaching and psychotherapy and the background in marketing and sales helps me refine the way I serve you efficiently via my products and services.


Learn about the benefits you will gain once you enter the programme.

What will you learn at every step in the journey
to reach the desired outcome

This first module delves into the intricacies of our brain’s functioning, shedding light on the processes that shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It aims to provide insight into the complexities of our minds.

A significant focus of this module is the exploration of our complete identity using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Method. Participants engage in activities aimed at uncovering the various facets of their inner selves.

Another crucial element is the examination of the roles we play in our lives. Through group exercises, participants gain a deeper understanding of the multiple roles they assume in different contexts.

The module introduces the roles of caregivers, highlighting the importance of these roles in our lives and their impact on our well-being.

This second module delves into the intricacies of our inner selves, shedding light on the complexity of our thoughts, emotions, and personal dynamics. Richard Schwartz’s Internal System framework encourages us to navigate our inner world with greater self-awareness and understanding. Next, Bert Hellinger’s perspective on external systems is eye opening to the intricate web of relationships and interactions that shape our lives. His teaching shows the profound impact of our connections with others and the importance of acknowledging and respecting the dynamics within these external systems. We will explore his wisdom together while applying some of his profound tactics. The engine that brought this programme in one place is ruled by the ‘Orders of Love’ – universal principles that govern the dynamics of healthy relationships. These orders serve as guiding principles,  they offer clarity on how to cultivate harmonious and fulfilling connections with others, emphasising the importance of love, respect, and balance.

During this module we will  also discover David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness where we will study a roadmap for personal growth and self-discovery. It illuminates the various levels of awareness that influence our understanding of ourselves and the world, inspiring us to strive for higher states of consciousness and self-realisation.

As we conclude this module, we carry with us a deeper understanding of the inner and outer forces that shape our lives, empowering us to navigate our personal journeys with greater clarity and purpose.


In this module we are learning about how caregivers have a profound impact on the children’s mental health with long consequences in adult life as well. Their nurturing, responsive, and supportive interactions contribute to the development of emotional resilience, social skills, and a strong sense of self, all of which are vital components of positive mental health. Conversely, neglect, abuse, or inconsistent caregiving can have adverse effects on a child’s mental well-being.


In this module we delve into the world of relationship dynamics and the concept of “coming home” to oneself by practising empowering role playing and practices within the group or breakout sessions. The goal is to examine together the source of limiting beliefs systems, unlock them with therapeutic tools aimed at reframing perspectives and embrace a more empowering narrative.


In this module, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, examining the profound impact of relationships, confronting limiting beliefs, and empowering ourselves to rewrite our own narratives or own piece of code for a more authentic and fulfilling life experience.


This module is a session of deep practice given the amount of knowledge and practices done in the previous weeks; In this particular session the goal is to gain even more insight and answers on the source of  the blockers in our life given events that are happening to us in real time and turn them around.

In this module, we learn about the art of conscious communication, both internally and externally. We are going to explore the significance of self-awareness in communication. Understanding our internal dialogue, emotions, and intentions is crucial for effective and mindful communication. Building on the foundation of internal awareness, we shift our focus to external communication. This involves honing the skills of active listening, empathy, and effective expression to foster meaningful and authentic interactions. Afterwards, participants engage in a practical group exercise designed to apply the principles of conscious communication. Through role-playing, discussions, and feedback, individuals will refine their communication skills, ultimately enhancing their ability to connect and convey their thoughts and feelings with intention and empathy.

In this last session we are going to use goal setting as a powerful process that involves defining objectives and creating a roadmap to achieve them. It provides direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose given all that we learned and integrated about ourselves and about our own past. Effective goal setting is easier to be achieved when we self-regulate and soothe the relationship with our past and people from there. With clear techniques, regular monitoring and adjustment, goals are more likely to be achieved.


Apart from what we've presented above, we will offer you a series of valuable bonuses for this project.
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