About Me

I'm Adina

I am building communities and support them transform their mindset and lifestyle via tailored programmes, workshops and one to one consultations. I’ve helped change the life of +100 people who are learning to become the best version of themselves by accessing their calling.¬†

How did I manage to get here? By going through a rigorous transformational journey myself via neuroscience, coaching, psychotherapy via the IFS method, astrology, systemic healing, and traditional psychology on my own path to discover my calling.

I am using proven frameworks, methods and my client’s experience that will unwire and rewire installed programmes in your brain towards a sovereign minded one.

I am in the best shape I’ve been in my life… and I’m only getting started!

The Sovereign Newsletter 

A community of like minded people where pain meets compassion and compassion meets passion.

Impostor Syndrome 

Release the impostor within you by tapping in different areas of your life, learn to become the sovereign of your existence and manifest your calling.

1:1 Strategic Coaching

I offer coaching sessions to help bring you massive clarity, proven frameworks and loads of inspiration.

Let's connect!

I love working with people interested in changing their mindset and lifestyle.

If you have an idea for collaboration, want to invite me out as a guest to your podcast, or hire me to speak to your team or company about transformation, then let’s chat.

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